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Meals for Toni Burton’s Surgery


Toni will be getting surgery on her foot on Thursday 4/15 and I believe will be going home on Friday. I think it would be helpful for her if we could provide some meals for a week or so.  She has also said that she would enjoy some company as it can get lonely recovering alone. She has mentioned not wanting people to have to go out of the way for her and  is just thankful for us thinking of her and the prayers. 

Special Notes

Toni is very particular on her likes/dislikes, she has said delivering fast food type things may be the best if anyone wants to bring food. Here are some of her favorites: plain burgers (no cheese), fish sandwich (no cheese), French fries, chicken strips & nuggets, Chinese, fried rice.  Some of her favorite fast food restaurants are: McDonalds Burger King Carl’s Popeyes **DIRECTIONS**  Toni’s address is 1 Chrome 14 Uwemachi.  Here are the Google coordinates 35.276428,139.668900 Enora was kind enough to type up these directions: Easiest way to find Toni's house is from the main Street that goes up the hill from Mores City. Take the small street on the right just before the Greenhouse vedgie store almost at the top of the hill from more City. When you take the side street you will pass a church on your left then there will be some stairs two houses down on the right and you need to go up to the stairs and her house is the first house on the left

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