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River's new nips

Northampton, MA


Hey y'all! A wild rollercoaster of events has pushed my top surgery to next Wednesday, March 24th! Because of the time Alden just took off of work because of the COVID exposure in our home, I'm looking for more support than originally planned. I'm looking for support in the form of breakfast and lunch for the first two weeks following surgery, and for dinners only on Mondays and Wednesdays for those two weeks as well. (As an alternative, looking for $$ for take out if you hate cooking or are supporting from far away). I so wish I could invite you all in to hang out with me, but COVID is still a very real threat, so I will be reaching out to individual folks for in-home support if/when it is needed. My only picky food rules are no cilantro and no chili. :-) Thank you all so much for all the love and support in the last two weeks since my original surgery date. Let's get these tits chopped OFF!!!

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