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Meal Train for Liz and Zack Haff


We are attempting to get some people to come around Liz and Zack Haff as Liz is now his full time care-taker. He has very specific dietary needs, but we are hoping for some volunteers to bring meals to Liz and Zack over the coming weeks. Please sign up if this is something you think you can assist with. He is on a low sodium diet. Meals should consist of a protein, rice, or potatoes and a veggie please. Please do not include any salt, and be mindful of this during preparation. He also does not eat pork.

Special Notes

Please be praying for Zack, and Liz as she cares for him, and has to return to working this week. Liz is also open to visiting (like tea or coffee), and has to be home the majority of the time, so if that is something you would like to do, please let her know and she would most likely appreciate the company

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