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Ride side-saddle with Kelly as she heals...

Longmont, CO


Our dear Kelly had a tumble while feeding her horses and has broken her ankle. She will need surgery, probably in the next few weeks. She'd love visitors at the Koi Temple for movie dates, game nights, and help with meal preparation (no need to pay for food, this is not asking for donations). . This calendar is to help plan meals a few times a week and rides to appointments over the next few months. Let's lift our dear sister up as she heals and rides again.

Special Notes

Kelly is allergic to grains and dairy. She can have food delivered but if you want to pick things up, that's fine too (she can reimburse). Her diet consists of mostly meat, salmon, eggs, and veggies (she's happy to talk menus if it helps find ease and flow here). Kelly is so grateful for our support and this strong community!

Care Calendar