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ArkanPaws Animal Care


As everyone is aware of by now Danielle Maddox the director of ArkanPaws has been diagnosed with cancer. While she works out a plan and undergoes treatment she needs people to care for the dogs she has. There are about 25 of them. Pat Quinney Williams feeds them on Tuesdays and Fridays. The kennels need a deep clean mid week and on the weekend. Dani prefers for volunteers to be people that have been there before but I’m willing to go with people the first few times if they are new and want to volunteer. If you know someone that wants to help please share this with them. They can also message me on fb. If there is a certain day you can commit to every week or If there are a few days a month you want to commit too this is the best way I could find to keep us organized and make sure there is someone for each day.

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