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Community is Wealth by Desiree B Stephens

Atlanta, GA


So as many of you know… I am going to have surgery on the 26th of this month. I will undergo an endoscopic lumbar discectomy. This is where they go into your spine and pull out the herniated disc that is causing constant pain. This is surgery one of a possible two depending on how much this relieves the pain. The recovery time is 6 weeks and the greatest risk is Re herniation so I plan to take that 6 weeks seriously and moderately. That being said I have an amazing support system and community within all of you and this is me putting my needs list together to cull that community support. Thank you for consistently showing up!

Special Notes

The most impactful and reciprocal way of supporting me would be by subscribing to my writings on decolonization and healing and you can do that here: This allows for me to be paid for th work I am doing, and spreads the work further. It feels deeply reciprocal.

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