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Prayers and Love for Juju, Support the Guebara Family

Katy, TX


Julianna was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma of the brain and spine nearly 1 month ago. She has already gone through major brain surgery and other minor procedures, but will start down the road of radiation and chemotherapy starting April 5th. In addition to treatments 5 days a week, Julianna also has physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, clinical visits and homebound schooling several times a week. Our schedules are jam packed with appointments and round the clock care which leaves us very little time for cooking, grocery shopping and other activities.  We are seeking help from friends and family for things like prepared or delivered meals, grocery runs and play dates for big brother Ayson! We have also included other links for Amazon wish list, pay pal and go fund me for those that want to help in other ways. Any form of support is very much appreciated and we are so thankful that we are blessed with an amazing village. We have felt so loved and uplifted by everyone during this time!

Special Notes

Unfortunately Julianna will not be able to have visitors during the bulk of her treatment and those limited visitors that may need to come by to drop things off will need to take extreme caution by wearing masks, washing hands and practicing social distancing.  

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