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Clayton, NC


Hi friends! As many of you know, our friend Jeff was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. He will be undergoing surgery to remove this tumor on 2/26, and then therapies - physical, occupational, and speech - afterwards. When Jeff is discharged from the hospital after surgery, he will be required to stay in a hotel near the hospital for a period of time as a precaution. Jess will be home with their three kids during his hotel stay, and Jeff’s dad, Mike, will be with him. There will be many trips back and forth to see him and help take care of his needs during the coming weeks/months. If you’re interested in helping them out with some meals or gift cards to help them during this time, we can organize that here for them. Prepared meals will be great for Jess and the kids at home, but gift cards may be best for Mike and Jeff at the hospital hotel.

Special Notes

There are no special dietary concerns for anyone in the family, and they are not picky at all. 🥰

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