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Joe's Hope

Toledo, OH


Joe's Hope for the Homeless is a charity organization located in Toledo, OH. It is operated strictly on our family's income and donations. Our story began in 2017 when Joe was just 8 years old. We was getting breakfast at McDs that morning and Joe asked if I was just going to ride past a man holding a sign. I said absolutely not and had a change of heart that day. Joe softened my heart! I've always been a giver but never realized the reality behind homelessness. That winter we set out and had our first blanket drive. My son was filled with so much joy knowing he was doing a good deed. That feeling of giving had never felt so good. So Joe asked to do it again the following year and we did. That year we met a 63 year old man and rescued him from homelessness. We have since rescued one other man and one woman from homelessness, held countless events, donated to shelters, bought meals, served meals, provided hygiene bags and everyday essentials to the homeless in our area and surrounding areas. We even give when we travel to other states. Joe's Hope is to one day have a village where he could rescue men/women from homelessness and help them get back on their feet. Until then he wants to shed light in the darkness and help as many people as he can.

Special Notes

There is Hope!! Be the light in the darkness!!

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