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Christy Rabon Miller & Family

Sandston, VA


As many of you know, Christy tested positive for COVID-19. Early Thursday morning, she was taken to Henrico Doctors Hospital and is being treated for not only COVID but pneumonia. She has been switched over from room flow oxygen to forced oxygen and the pneumonia has spread to both of her lungs. Christy has a very long road ahead of her and appreciates everyone who has been praying for her so please continue to pray for a complete healing. In addition to your prayers, we have created a meal train and a go fund me page. Christy is the rock of her family and they need our help. Many have asked about providing meals or making a donation to help the family. Below is a calendar for providing dinner and there is a go fund me link as well. Christy has been a caregiver, a cheerleader, a supporter, an encourager and an active person in our community for many years. Let's rally around this family and give back to them the way they have given to us.

Care Calendar