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Love for Lucas

Cleveland, OH


Hello everyone! As most of you know, our friend and talented accompanist at WUMC got into a car accident on Thursday morning and broke his left wrist.😞 This left Lucas in a cast covering most of his left arm and without a way to get around for now.. We’re hoping we can all chip in and help him out in any way we can either by sending him Doordash giftcards for his meals or by offering to take him to get groceries/help him run his errands. The surgery on his wrist is scheduled for this Thursday so prayers of a successful surgery and quick recovery is appreciated ❤️. If you would like to send Lucas an e-gift card, his email address is [email protected]. Or if you’d like to send him an encouraging note, I’m sure he’d appreciate that too! Living so far away from family, I can’t imagine how hard this must be for him so I’m hoping we can help make things a little easier for him. Thank you in advance for your help! Tracey (on behalf of the WUMC family)

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