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Surgery Recovery for Mark

Eden Prairie, MN


The Gottschalk family has had a tough couple of years in the medical department. Dad's prostate cancer diagnosis came as another blow. But, in typical Gottschalk manor, we kept building, doing, and loving each other while we waited for the next steps. Today, Dad made it through surgery. Now comes the long road to recovery. For the next many weeks, mom has the tough job of keeping him out of the shop and focusing on healing. They could use a few meals, some help with shoveling snow (if we get any), and any ideas for keeping dad on the couch. In addition, please text dad ideas for music you think he'd like. Listening to music is the only thing I've ever seen keep him sitting on the beach for any length of time. Maybe we can leverage that.

Special Notes

He won't be ready for visitors for some time so I'll leave a cooler on the front porch for dropping off meals. Mom and Dad like not too spicy mexican food, Italian and anything that makes great leftovers. Dad doesn't like mushrooms or pickled herring. He loves swedish fish, but mom says no sweets. (hide them in a puzzle.) If you want to help with shoveling, send me a message under the blue messages button in the upper right corner of the screen. I'll put you on a list of people to contact if Shawn and I can't get there. They have a snow blower.

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