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Support the Frontline @ AMITA Health Saint Joseph Medical Center

Joliet, IL


We have been asked by so many, how can we help? One way is to stay home. The other way is to take care of those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's come together to both support our local restaurants and the frontline teams @ Amita Health St. Joseph Medical Center. Donations to our frontline staff will help keep up their energy, mental acuity, and most importantly - morale. To know they have a community behind them, will help keep them going during this difficult time. Please consider supporting however you can!

Special Notes

Drop offs throughout the day and night are welcomed, appreciated, and encouraged. For the safety of our staff, we are not accepting homemade food. Individually wrapped or packaged meals/snacks are preferred. Please contact a restaurant or deli of your choice, purchase the food, and make arrangements to have it delivered. Once you have signed up for a date and time, we will reach out to help coordinate the unit and entrance for the delivery. When claiming a day/time/dept., please leave a little comment/note providing the place it is coming from and anything you would like to share with our staff. We want to be able to reach out and thank everyone properly. Thank you so much. We truly appreciate all of our community support!

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