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Love for Julia+Her Family

Gainesville, TX


Sometimes life throws you a curveball. This is exactly what has happened to one of my best friends, Julia Links Williams. This year, she began to have a series of medical problems which involved a lot of testing & specialists. In late October, they finally had an answer for her...she was having multiple pelvic organ prolapses and would need to have a hysterectomy in addition to multiple organ repairs. Julia thankfully has insurance thru her husband's employer, but unfortunately, surgery couldn't be scheduled until January 15th... which means a new year & new deductibles. There is a current gofundme that is helping to raise funds for the medical bills and deductibles (4k bill, half up front!) There is an amazing anonymous donor who is matching the donations dollar by dollar! While Julia recovers, the family could really use help with meal times and transportation for Aloy to get to school. We've set up a calendar with times, dates, and locations. Homecooked meals, doordash giftcards, or picking up food for them and dropping it off, any little thing really helps! Thank you, again! Please consider giving this sweet family of seven a hand up in their time of need.

Special Notes

If you'd like to donate, here is the link. They are also taking direct donations. Thank you so much !

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