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Meal Train/Jackson Family

Raeford, NC


On Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 11pm the Jackson family was commuting back to their place of residence when they were tragically involved in a head on collision from a drunk driver. Thankfully, by the grace of God this family of 5 lives were saved but the injuries from the accident has caused much affliction. Each family member received none life threatening bodily injuries but the road to recovery will be a process. The family will soon undergo the journey to physical, mental and spiritual recovery. A great way to support the Jackson family will be with a meal train schedule. There will be a calendar link below and if you find it within your heart to cover dinner expenses for the Jackson family it would be a blessing, tremendously . The Jackson family has been a blessing and a staple in their community. May we give them love, support, prayers during these challenging times. All acts of kindness will be appreciated 🖤

Special Notes

All restaurants deliveries/gift cards accepted. Food Allergies : seafood allergy for one child. All other members of the family unaffected. Instructions: 1.choose a day 2. Click the “ I’ll help “ tab 3.Proceed to click the 3 available options.

Care Calendar