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Marsha's Rodeo Ride

Candor, NY


Hi family and friends! As some of you are aware, Marsha is currently in NY, staying with her son, Job and daughter in law, Althea, near Ithaca. Late August Marsha suffered a peri prosthetic tibial fracture. That happened a few weeks after surgery to remove her gall bladder, due to pancreatitis. Marsha has been in a great deal of pain for some time, but the fracture made it much worse. We are praying the surgery can help resolve the issue. December 26th, she will be having a total knee revision in Syracuse, complicated because of the fracture, etc. We appreciate any prayers, good vibes, crossed fingers, happy thoughts, etc, that you want to send her way.

Special Notes

After Marsha's surgery, she will have a short stay in the hospital before being released back into Job & Althea's care. Marsha will need outpatient physical therapy in a neighboring city. Gift cards for gas will be very appreciated by all of the people involved in the transportation. There will also be a calendar with Marsha's physical therapy appointments and follow up appointments, for anyone that is able to help out with transportation. Gift cards for meals, groceries, and medicine (she uses Walmart as a pharmacy) will be much appreciated, as well.

Care Calendar