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Support for Lenox Family

Cedarburg, WI


On Monday May 17th Heather had surgery to remove a portion of a neck bone and tonsils on one side of her throat. She spent the week recovering at her parents and though in a lot of pain, recovery was progressing. Unfortunately on Sat. May 22nd she started to bleed uncontrollably and had to have emergency surgery and a blood transfusion. She is stable but currently still in the hospital. Family and friends have been helping Shannon care for their six amazing kids (and one crazy pup!) for the past week, but with this recent turn of events more help will be needed in the coming weeks. Please email [email protected] for more ways to help.

Special Notes

The Lenox family is GLUTEN-FREE as one child has Celiac's Disease. They are also mainly dairy-free due to another child's dairy intolerance. GF pre-made meals can be purchased at Slow Pokes store in Grafton if so desired. There will be a cooler on the front porch. If at all possible, warm, ready-to-eat, meals would be most appreciated and delivered by 5:30pm.

Care Calendar