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Conner Morgan Support Squad

Orem, UT


Conner Morgan and he is now paralyzed from the waist down. Conner is 18 and a senior. He was riding his dirtbike when another in experienced rider was following too close to and landed on top of him. It broke his back and his life is forever changed. He's alive and out of surgery but the road for him and my sisters family is long. Conner is the sweetest most helpful young man I know. He is my sisters oldest son and a wonderful example of everything right with young men his age.  He often was the young kid on the side of the road help fixing your car if it was broken. He would drop anything to come get you if you ran out of gas.  He's the type that got honored by the city for helping an elderly Verteran who was struggling with his health at a random gas station. He is the young man who will pay for your groceries if you're short on cash, I could go on and on. I'm so emotional. His family is not well off, he has wonderful hard working parents. Conner at such a young age was already a full time working Mechanic while doing online school. They will need any type of help given. Even $5 or $1 would be amazing to his gofundme (Link in bio ) His t11 and t12 was shattered.  When it shattered the bones nicked his spinal chord.  He is strong and has a wonderful supportive family but his first question once he was told he was paralyzed was. "Mom, how will I work, how can I take care of myself " I know he will learn, I know it will be difficult. Please anyone willing to donate would be amazing and blessed.  We're hoping for an Easter Miracle for him.

Special Notes

There are no allergies in the family. The boys are big healthy eaters they're a family of 7. Any help is appreciated.

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