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City Life KIX WH & JC

Homestead, FL


As we know, one of the best ways to reach teenagers is FOOD! Signing up to bring a meal is a simple way to be a huge blessing to us and our students. Sitting around the table paves the way for so many gospel conversations! We're serving meals at 2 KIX sites! Please CONFIRM WHICH SITE you are signing up for! _____ Joyful Camaraderie is one of Youth for Christ’s Cultural Attributes, and with the heaviness and social isolation of the pandemic, connection with healthy adult leaders is essential for our students and families. Many of our students spent March-August in their homes on their phones, and we are noticing the decrease in social skills and increase in anxiety over world events. Now as ever we are focused on Authentic Christ-sharing Relationships with students, caring for them individually, listening to them, helping them process our tumultuous times, and sharing the hope found in Jesus. We know that food unites people, and sitting around the table is something many of our students don’t experience at home. Food is one of our main draws to our outreach events, but often grants don’t fund food. Here's where you can help! Sign up to bring a meal, or donate so we can purchase one! Thank you! ______ City Life KIX shares the love of Christ with youth & families, while also providing a safe place for young people to learn & grow in the Gospel. "Doing life" with kids & empowering them to change their community for Christ is key to our mission. We want to reach a critical mass of indigenous leaders who stay in, give back to, and transform their neighborhood.

Special Notes

Simple meals are best! Anything you like to make for a large group. Pasta, pizza, tacos, chicken, rice, chili, burgers, hotdogs, meatball subs, etc. The number of people to cook for and the address to deliver the meal is listed in each event. Thank you!

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