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Supporting the Walkers

Helena, MT


Hi, Helena and surrounding peeps! We have family/friends John and Edie Ann Walker in need of help for the next few weeks, and while I am not in town to assist, this is the next best thing.       Edie and John have been great friends to all of us over the years. We know his health issues, but through it all, he has persevered. Edie has put herself on the back burner for a bit, and is finally getting her surgery for a torn meniscus from a fall she sustained by slipping on ice in January of 2020. Surgery is Wednesday May 26th!       What we need is a dinner train for this family, along with rides for Rivers off and on to accommodate school pick ups and drivers Ed class! John is currently just out of the hospital healing from an unknown infection and battling a small case of pneumonia, but the show must go on!! He will continue to work once he is healed. His shift is two weeks of night/two weeks days, revolving, starting with night shift this first week, for the next two, then vice/versa. Edie will be off her feet for six weeks post surgery.       Please take time to sign up for a dinner or two over the next few weeks along with rides for Rivers from school and driver’s Ed in the next few weeks, to help assist them and the kids recover with less stress! Nothing fancy, just neighbors/friends holding up our Walker family! Can you help?

Special Notes

The calendar is a bit tricky due to revolving schedules, please text Edie or John, should you have any questions! If no question, feel free to sign up to help any way possible!  Thanks in advance, Roni 

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