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Germantown Police Community Support

Germantown, TN


Show your support for our local Germantown Police Officers by dropping off snacks and notes of appreciation! "Claim" a date on calendar and enter what you take so others can know what has been brought and will have variety. Ideal are GRAB-AND-GO SNACKS that they can take in cars with them since often don't get to eat at regular meals. Requested are healthy snacks like fruit and nuts, but some sweets are good too. Typical day is 3 shifts with appx 15 per shift so 45/day. Thursdays have up to 90. My contact says things will not go to waste and is very appreciated. BUT, feel free to take what works for you. Don’t feel you need to have enough for all shifts. Whatever you do is appreciated! Please include your name and contact info for who provided. Please include a note of support and appreciation. Do NOT send gift cards or monetary gifts. They will be turned into city administration if received. Drop off at Police Dept between 8-4 on your designated day. During business hours, you can contact Officer Jason Smith at the front desk (757-7348) to drop anything off and he, or another available officer, can help bring items in. If after 4:00 pm or on weekend, call Dispatch at 754-7222 and take to back. *Call when there and the officer will meet you outside. * If you want to contribute but prefer someone else to purchase and deliver, you may donate via PayPal button. 100% of your donation will go to supporting GPD in this way. Thank you!

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