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Yorktown Manor Meal Train

Yorktown, IN


On May 14th, Yorktown Manor received confirmation that they had their first COVID positive Resident and several COVID positive staff. To date, we are continue to battle COVID as we have had 57 total Residents and 25 total employees test positive for the virus. Our compassionate team of caregivers are working tirelessly to provide the best possible care to the Residents during this scary time. The community and family support our employees have received has been amazing. We are extremely grateful for all the donations including meals, snacks, gas cards, beverages and thoughts and prayers provided. It has kept morale up on some very dark days and reminded us that in a battle like COVID-19, it truly does take a village. The Yorktown Meal Train was set up as a way to help organize all the wonderful donations coming in as we want to ensure no food or donation gets missed. Thank you for helping us stay #YorktownManorStrong

Special Notes

Simply click on the calendar to schedule your food, snack or beverage donation. If you prefer to donate gas cards or gift cards for the employees, please contact Darcy New at (765) 759-7740. THANK YOU for your continued support!

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