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Burton Meal Train

Grayson, KY


As most of you may be aware, Aaron is fighting COVID complications. He has been in and out of the hospital and doctors offices fighting breathing issues and low oxygen levels. After starting to feel better over the weekend, Aaron took steps backwards. Yesterday he was experiencing chest pain. After getting a bed at the hospital they found he has blood clots in his lungs and endured a heart attack. When you are 6 hours away from your best friends in the whole world feeling completely helpless doesn't even begin to express your emotions. Whitney and the kids are quarantined until the beginning of next week and don't want to risk getting anyone else sick. Whitney can't be at the hospital with Aaron and she is literally digging the deepest she has ever had to in order to be strong for Aaron, Hadlee and Knox. If you are able, please consider helping out with a meal. It will be one less thing Whit will have to worry about. Since they are quarantined, we ask that any meal donations be left at one of their door steps for a contactless option. You can text or call Whit at 606-316-2737 when you are there to drop your meal off. For their out of state military friends and family, we added Walmart e-gift cards to their wish list. This will allow Whitney to place Walmart pick up orders to keep the house functioning. This page will not let me link up a website for e-gift card options, so I thought listing a few of the restaurants in Grayson might be helpful for those not familiar with the area: Melini's, Hog's Trough, Arby's, Johnny's Pizza, Taco Bell, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut. The only place that offers delivery is Pizza Hut. Everywhere else would require pickup arrangements. I know their phones have been blowing up with love and support. The love they are feeling is unmeasured and appreciated more than you can ever know. Keep praying for Aaron and the family as they continue to navigate these trying times.

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