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Helping Adrienne Recover

Durango, CO


I am a single mother of 3. I have been their sole provider since 2011, my children are Austyn 16 Justin 14 and Khloe 11 going on 30. I had really big babies and it took it's tole on my body with my last Khloe she was 9.50 lbs and she was 3 weeks early. Over time because of me being petite and big babies all of my uterine muscles were destroyed. I have severe prolapsed uterus and urinary occultion. I have surgery finally next Wednesday. I have been living with this for a long time and last summer i had to stop working because i could barely walk for longer than a 10inute period. I have thankfully been able to stay at he with kids but have had no work for sometime. Recieving help from father has never happened nor will it. I have two wonderful parents but they live four hours from me and can only help so much. I am not the type of person that asks for help or likes to admit that I need it. But i am asking now. I am going to be bed ridden for several weeks. I love in durango but am having to travel 6 hrs thru the pass to Colorado springs. I have to be back 5 days after surgery for post opp check. I am literally going to be helpless to certain things but any and all help would be appreciated. I also have no vehicle and we live very rually so getting back and forth to town we have to uber alot

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We are not at all limited to or would have any restrictions on food , we have no allergies.

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