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Susan LaMonica's Recovery

Oceanside, NY


Hi All, As everyone knows Mom underwent a pretty big surgery on 1/9. Everyone always wants to know what they can do to help so we set up this page to organize dinner deliveries for her and Dad! Instead of bombarding them with food right when Mom gets home from the hospital this calendar allows for everyone to pick a day to help them out with sending dinner! Please do not send a monetary gift as this is NOT meant to be a fundraiser but just a way to space out everyone sending food!! Love, Sal, Nicole, Nina, Ed, Vicki, Anthony, Pauline, Justin & Louis xoxoxo

Special Notes

No fish for Mom since she doesn't eat seafood. Some favorites are: Villa Maria, La Parma, Green Cactus, So Far So Good (Chinese), Park Ave Deli. You can text one of us kids or Sal to find out what they might like!

Care Calendar