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Join Caroline's Recovery Train!

Greenwich, CT


When Caroline was aged 2, one of her pulmonary valves was not working correctly, so she had a procedure known as “Brock,” to remove obstructing tissue. This procedure was a success, creating a hole in the pulmonary valve. This was, and continues to be, a very rare procedure. Unfortunately, as one ages, the hole gets smaller and smaller. As a result, Caroline needs open heart surgery to insert a new valve. This surgery is being done on Tuesday, August 3rd, by a world-renowned Cardiac surgeon, one who happens to have been hired and trained by the doctor who did Caroline’s original heart surgery. Although the new valve is from a cow, I suspect this will not influence Caroline’s eating habits! Post surgery, per the doctor's advice, Caroline can eat whatever she wants but a Mediterranean-style diet is recommended (chicken, fish, vegetables, nuts and fruit). Luckily, Caroline loves salmon (especially smoked). (Written by Pam Brecker Hendrickson)

Special Notes

Caroline will likely be eating small, healthy meals throughout the day. The doctor suggests a Mediterranean-style diet (chicken, fish, vegetables, nuts and fruit). *Please avoid: spicy food, beans, tomatoes and tomato sauce.* In addition, Jon and the boys (aka Caroline's spectacular care-givers) would be most appreciative of classic comfort food. Favorites include: Italian dishes (pizza, meatball subs, pasta, etc) and BBQ (chicken wings, pork, etc). For those who are out-of-town, here is a list of local restaurants that will deliver. Caroline and Jon leave outside of downtown Greenwich, the address is still considered Greenwich: Many thanks!

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