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(Fur) Kid care for Kidney Transplant



Thomas Lubinski is getting a live donor kidney transplant from his extraordinary cousin Carrie Bergquist. The transplant will require Thomas and me to stay in the Portland area for at least a month after surgery. Another phenomenal person, Travis Farrester, has volunteered to house/ dogsit for us, but we still want to create a backup list of volunteers so Trav can have a night off once in a while if he wants it. Duties include staying at our house (you don't have to miss work, just come to our place after and stay over), morning and night feedings, snuggling (optional, but you're not likely to have a choice with Loki), and making sure the dogs aren't outside all night barking and disturbing the neighbors (which we're told they do when we're gone if no one is home). The dogs have a dog door into the yard, so no walking/ poop scooping required. Our casa is your casa, just keep the dogs alive and our neighbors speaking to us. Dates will be July 25-27, then July 29- early September. The plan is to share this info with Travis so he can contact a backup if he wants or needs it. Thank you so much. ❤❤❤

Special Notes

No restrictions, but if you've never met our pack (down to four now and we're likely to take Zeke (the oldest) with us), we should do a meet and greet to make sure you know what you're getting into!

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