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Supporting the Nowaks

Parma, OH


I am beyond blessed to call Crystal Nowak a good friend of mine. She is one of the purest souls that I have ever known. She will not speak an ill thing about a person. Being a foster parent to becoming a mom, she is a selfless person. Crystal has given everything she has to her kids and whatever she can for others. Now is the time for someone to help them. Yesterday, Christopher had a medical emergency at home and was taken to Parma, then moved to University Hospitals ICU. He was on a ventilator until this morning, but after being weaned off, he started having episodes resembling seizures. They're monitoring him with an EEG machine. It's uncertain when he'll come home, and they are dealing with a lot of unknowns. Christopher is an amazing young man, who carries some of the same characteristics that Crystal has. Christopher is a kind, giving, and caring soul. Christopher recently hit a rough patch in life and if you can all continue to keep Chris and his family in your thoughts and prayers, it would be grateful appreciated. Right now, we want to make sure to take some of the mental load of caring for a household off their hands. Crystal will be by his side the enter time and we need to make sure she eats, as well as Chey, Blake, and Kenny. We've set up a way to make donation to Crystal's cash app, a way to donate GCs for housing needs, and a meal train for two weeks of meals for at home. Crystal can also post updates here as well. Please keep their family and Chris in your prayers!!

Special Notes

If you are wanting to visit at all, please reach out to Crystal.

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