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Care for Kristen

Flagstaff, AZ


Almost 3 years ago, Kristen suffered a TBI as the result of a rafting accident that left her with debilitating migraines, vertigo and some other health problems. She has seen numerous doctors and taken numerous drugs to no avail. This fall she was given hope when she visited a doc in Santa Barbara that could perform a microsurgery for decompression of the occipital nerves damaged in her boating accident! Kristen was elated but cautious and after doing her research decided to move forward. Her request for workman's compensation was denied and the community has been generous in her plight. As her FHS family, I was hoping we could make her journey back to school a little easier. She will be returning on 3/20/21 and so if we could start providing meals on 3/21, I know Kristen would be so appreciative.

Special Notes

Kristen is vegetarian as well as gluten and sugar free. She loves all types of beans, vegetables, cheese and rice. While I know this is challenging if you don't cook, gift cards for Whole Foods, Insta Cart, Dara Thai, Pita Jungle, Brandy's etc. would be great. Our local merchants could use our help at this time too!!

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