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Support, Meals, & Love for Stacey and Jason


Many of you know the struggles this family has experienced this year so far.  Just last month Stacey lost her father to Covid, and then unexpectedly had her husband end up in the ER needing a quadruple bypass surgery.  Happily, he is recovering well and is likely going to be sent home as early as tomorrow (4/26/21)! Already dealing with grief, and now the reality of nursing Jason back to health, I am hoping we can create a Meal Train Calendar to take just one thing off her plate (no pun intended..).   I have never set one of these up but I have participated in others calendars to support before and it is easy.  If you live local to them, You can sign up to deliver a home cooked meal. If you live too far to do that, you can order delivery from restaurants on the day you sign up for. You can also find a Grubhub gift card option on here in the Wish List section.  In addition, even though our proud Mama Stacey will never ask for help....all this will catch up financially!  I have her PayPal address and can give that to you, It would be great to get them ahead of the crunch. I think you can reach me on this site to get it if you would like to send money!

Special Notes

NOTE: Dietary restrictions for Heart health and diabetes so please keep that in mind when ordering dinners for delivery. (no fried food or high carb-sugar please). With Love, Zoe 

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