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Meals for HCHS Staff and Volunteers

Hattiesburg, MS


This past week, Hub City Humane Society received a surplus of animals from a local rescue into their care.  The 40+ animals are in various degrees of neglect, so the staff and volunteers are working additional hours in difficult circumstances to care for and find good homes for these animals.   For time management, team moral, and financially, it would help tremendously for them to be able to stay on shelter grounds for lunch and have snacks for when they run past closing time.   If you would like to help provide a meal or snack, please sign up!  If you would like to partner with someone else, you can message me and I’ll put you in contact with someone.   Please give a general description of the meal/snack you will take so they don’t have pizza everyday!  They will begin taking lunch at 11:00, so please have the food there and set up by that time.  Thank you!!😊

Special Notes

❤️Those providing meals may cook or send food from a local eatery ⭐️You can send drinks, but it isn’t necessary.   ❤️There is one vegetarian on staff, so if possible, please provide a separate meal for her or leave meat out of her portion.  She does eat dairy and eggs!  ⭐️Paper goods and utensils will be provided.   ❤️Please send all food in disposable or come back to pick up dishes.  Some ideas for homemade meals are: (remember our vegetarian friend!) *chicken and rice with a side vegetable  *spaghetti with side veggie and bread *chili with rice or crackers *jambalaya with side of veggie or fruit *chicken tortilla soup with cornbread *lasagna with side of veggie and bread *deli, veggie, and fruit platters with bread *chicken tender, veggie, and fruit platters * baked potato bar *taco bar *chicken and broccoli Alfredo with bread *chef salad bar *hotdog bar with a veggie/fruit platter  *hamburgers with fixins and fries *breakfast casserole with fruit platter Some ideas for delivered meals: *deli platters from Sam’s or Honeybaked Ham  *Chinese take out  *Chil-Fi-La nugget platter with fries *Taco Bell party platters  *Family meals from Cracker Barrel, KFC, Popeyes *If all else fails...there’s always pizza... 

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