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Danika Molchanoff and Family 💜

Lakeside, CA


Hey friends and family!❤️  My name is Hillary, and I am a family friend of the Molchanoff’s. As many of you know Danika was attacked by a pack of 4 Rottweilers Saturday evening. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. She went into surgery a little later after being examined. Things turned out miraculously. Skin showed up where there wasn’t enough skin to stitch together. Even though she had puncture wounds all over her neck, shoulders, and back not one punctured a major artery. She has been on the up and up ever since word got out, and all your powerful prayers have been happening. Our church’s prayer groups have been battling for sweet Danika, they prayed at every campus service this past Sunday, as well as hearing other churches from other towns and states prayed for her as well! She was supposed to stay in the hospital for seven days due to the severity of this attack, and with all the healing prayers, and fight of all you prayer warriors, she is headed home today!!!⭐️⭐️  Heather and Daniel have been the most amazing people in my life, always there, supporting, encouraging, praying and loving, as I am sure so many of you can share a testimony to. They sacrifice their time and hearts to pour into others selflessly, so much like our Father. They can use our help now. Please join me in pouring that love and honor back into them in their time of need. Truly grateful for every contribution! Thank you so so much for your love! ❤️

Special Notes

Food Deliveries would be best! 🤩 No food allergies. Heather prefers gluten free if possible 🥰 

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