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Healing Through Helping - Courtney S.

Fresno, CA


Hello All, I would like to set up a meal train for Courtney and Dave , while Courtney is recovering from her surgery. The surgery is set for Jan 23. I would like to at least set up meals for a minimum, of 7 - 10 days. I am hoping this will help ease the burden so Dave can focus on Courtney and the Boys. Please consider helping, and if you would like to send a meal for delivery. You can text Dave on your day and ask for their likes and dislikes. But I am pretty sure they will be happy with pretty much anything. Thank you - Healing is so much easier when you help from others.

Special Notes

Here is Dave's number if you have any questions 559-417-3838 or Mine - Michele 559-696-8306 (Courtney's Aunt)

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