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Bryan, TX


Hi everyone. The wonderful staff in the St. Joseph Bryan ICU are working very difficult shifts to take care of critically ill community members during the height of the pandemic. As of January 8, ICU capacity is 123%. Please consider signing up for a meal to feed these amazing heroes to say thank you.  Take your delivery to the circle drive that faces away from 29th St. Tell the folks at the check-in desk that the food is for the ICU and they will come and get it. 

Special Notes

Can be restaurant take-out or home cooked meal. There are 40 people on day shift and 40 on night shift.  *Please clearly label meals as designated for ICU/CCU.* If you are not able to fulfill your obligation, please cancel your signup. We have had meals not show up and we need to call you if this is the case for your meal. Please include the phone number when signing up.  No Grubhub or Foordash gift cards please.  If you have further questions about this please let me (Alison) know.  I am a nurse at TAMU and am not an employee of CHI St. Joe’s.  If you are bringing a meal from a restaurant, please grab some extra take-out menus. It is great publicity for the restaurant, and many times the nurses want to order from there again with their families.  Also, this should be obvious but if you or anyone in your home is symptomatic or quarantined, please do not prepare or send meals. Thank you again. 

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