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Advocate Lutheran General Respiratory Critical Care Team - meals for staff

Park Ridge, IL


PLEASE READ: In your claimed spot, please SPECIFY name of restaurant the delivery will be from and a brief description of what is ordered. This is VERY HELPFUL for the hospital, so they know what to expect. DELIVERIES FOR THE RT TEAM ARE 847-723-0847 847-723-0846 ————————————————————————— Our Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Respiratory staff are working tirelessly to keep us all safe while we are staying home to keep them safe. Let’s give back and help fuel them with meals at this critical time. This meal sign-up is to support respiratory critical care staff caring for patients throughout the hospital during this pandemic. GUIDELINES FOR FOOD DONATIONS – PLEASE REVIEW ALL: -Food must be individually packaged. **Buffet style or sharing donations cannot be accepted. -Food must be donated from a restaurant/caterer/food company that is monitored by local health inspectors and has passed a health inspection in the last 12 months. -NO HOME COOKED MEALS -Please consider donating both meat and vegetarian options. -Beverages must be in single serve packages. -All flatware needs to be individually wrapped -All condiments need to be in portion control packets INSTRUCTIONS/STEPS: 1) Select date/time of your choice by clicking “claim” to commit to sponsoring a meal. 2) QUANTITY: ideally, we’d like donations to feed 30-50 individuals 3) You pick any local restaurant of your choice to place your order and utilize either their delivery service or Grub Hub/Uber Eats/Door Dash. NO PERSONAL DELIVERIES. NO GIFT CARDS. 4) In your claimed spot, please SPECIFY where the delivery will be from and a brief description of what is ordered – this is VERY HELPFUL for the team, so they know what to expect. 5) Work with the restaurant and delivery person to provide them with specific instructions on where to deliver the food. Make sure to tell the restaurant that the delivery must be made to the Main Entrance of the hospital at the chosen time. A greeter will come out and get the food. The restaurant driver can park right in front of the Main Entrance. contact number is 847-723-0847 or 0846 6) Please note when calling to place your order to mention that you are donating your meal as we have found many restaurants are providing some type of discount for your good deed! ***We understand that during this uncertain time this is a substantial financial ask so we hope that people create small groups to help spread the cost. ***If you are interested in receiving a tax deductible letter from the Advocate Charitable Foundation, you may fill out the Gift In Kind Form Special Notes IMPORTANT DETAILS FROM HOSPITAL: PLEASE TELL THE DELIVERY PERSON TO ARRIVE AT THE MAIN ENTRANCE AND CALL 847-723-0847.  THEY SHOULD INTRODUCE THEMSELVES AND SAY THAT THEY HAVE FOOD DELIVERY BY MAIN HOSPITAL ENTRANCE. THE DELIVERY PERSON SHOULD STAY IN THE CAR. SOMEONE WILL RUN OUT TO GET FOOD. FOOD ITEMS: THINK GRAB AND GO, ALREADY PREPARED, NO BUFFET STYLE, NO MAKE YOUR OWN. MAKE SURE ALL LABELED (ALLERGY REASONS). THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. **Please understand as the situation continues to evolve hospitals will be regularly updating their policies, delivery instructions and time slots. If you claim a slot in the future PLEASE MAKE SURE to check back just before delivery for updated instructions! *On our Facebook page, you may find restaurants that have committed to offering special discounts to be used when ordering for a hospital. Please reach out if you are a restaurant owner and would like to participate. Please ask delivery drivers to take photographs of deliveries to be shared on the GiveInKind Facebook page, tagging the restaurant and generous people who have donated, if possible. GiveInKind Meals for Chicago Area COVID-19 Healthcare Workers

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