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Supporting The Masters

Jenks, OK


Due to unfortunate circumstances within our Leo family, we have lost one our own Leo Wives, Heather Masters. During this time, we would like to help provide meals, gift cards, etc. over the next several weeks in hopes to take some weight off their shoulders during this time of sadness and hurt. Our Goal is to provide some specific meals that Kyle and Duke love, as well as DoorDash and other types of meal and grocery gift cards. We know they will appreciate a home cooked meal, but there may be times when they would also like to order out. If we can take some of the stress off Kyle’s shoulders during this time, we want to do that for him and the family. Sometimes when people go through unfortunate times as such, they may not want visitors and we 100% respect that. If you are unable to help with a meal or gift card, we completely understand. We do ask that you continue lifting the family up in prayer as they approach this new chapter, and that they may find peace to get through this difficult time.

Special Notes

We will continue to provide updates when possible, however for the first week gift cards are preferred. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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