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Helping families with funeral costs.

Blountville, TN


Times are hard and purse strings seem to always be pulled tight these times are a struggle without the loss of a family member or lived one.  One family has a hope that their cremated remains will one day be released from funeral home and finally have a family funeral for the passed. I’m asking if you can or are able to offer help in any form or just a living word of prayer for this heart stricken family, please help with the cost of a new peace and a great time for us to get to the family with us for the Lord. This is so much more than us this is someone’s brother, son, and uncle. Many prayers for the entire family through the rough times in store. ,

Special Notes

If anyone is interested in offering to help with meals or a kind word I can help you reach out to them personally to see how much they are appreciative of what you are doing and what you are help in this matter.  Also Pm me or email with any questions. Please be kind and courteous of this time for all those in mourning.

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