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Meals for Lurie Children's Emergency Department

Chicago, IL


Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago’s Emergency Department staff are working tirelessly to keep our patients and co-workers safe while you are staying home to keep them safe. During this critical and unprecedented time, the generosity of our friends, neighbors, patient families and others supporting our Emergency Department and local restaurants has been amazing! Below is information on how you can schedule a meal donation. If you would like to support another department at Lurie Children’s, please see contact [email protected]. Please review our donation guidelines carefully and return to this site to review them again just prior to your delivery to ensure there are no changes. We will not be able to accept any food donations that do not adhere to our current Infection Control policies: • Food must be individually packaged. Infection Control does not allow us to accept buffet style or sharing donations. Please no items or containers that must be shared in large or family portion sizes. Pizza can be accepted if it is personal size or 1-2 slices in a to-go container packaged by the restaurant. • Food must be donated from a restaurant/caterer/food company that is monitored by local health inspectors and has passed a health inspection in the last 12 months. • No homemade items. • We prefer food that does not require being heated up. • Please consider donating vegetarian options. • Beverages must be in single serve packages. Coffee can be in multi-serving boxes with individual packets of creamer and sugar. • All flatware needs to be individually wrapped. • All condiments need to be in portion control packets. • Please do NOT sign up to drop off bulk donations If you would like to donate a bulk order of non-perishable goods, please contact [email protected]

Special Notes

Instructions: 1) Select date/time of your choice by clicking “claim” to commit to sponsoring a meal. 2) QUANTITY: Ideally, we’d like donations to feed 40-50 individuals. 3) You pick any local restaurant of your choice to place your order and utilize either their delivery service or Grub Hub/Uber Eats/Door Dash. If you would like to donate gift cards in lieu of meals, please contact [email protected] 4) Once you have claimed your spot, please SPECIFY the restaurant, meal description/quantity and a contact number for the delivery person – This is VERY HELPFUL! 5) Work with the restaurant and delivery person to provide them with specific instructions on where to deliver the food. Make sure to tell the restaurant that the delivery MUST go through the Lurie Children’s loading dock located at 200 E. Superior. Deliveries at other entrances are not permitted. • Driving Directions: The hospital’s indoor receiving dock, is located at 200 E. Superior, which is one way street, heading Eastbound. Once you cross over N. Michigan Ave. you will come to a stop sign with St. Clair. Immediately after, you will turn left into an alley and, to your right, you will notice a large gate and a sign “Lurie Children’s Receiving”. If the gate is closed, please wait a moment. The officer on duty will see your car on the monitor and will open the gate for you. Pull up and give your name to the security guard on duty and mention that you have a meal delivery. Back up your car to the receiving bay, turn off your engine. Call 312-227-3800 and wait inside your vehicle until a staff member gets there. • Walking Directions: Our Loading Dock is located at 200 E Superior Street. If you come through the main drive, all the way to the back where Superior St begins and turn right, you’ll see it on the right. There is a security door, however please knock on it and tell them you have a meal delivery. Call 312-227-3800 and a staff member will meet you. 6) Deliveries must be made at specific times as listed below. 7) Please note when calling to place your order to mention that you are donating your meal as we have found many restaurants are providing some type of discount for your good deed! If you are interested in receiving a tax deductible letter from Lurie Children’s Foundation, please contact [email protected] If you would like to post about your generosity, please tag Lurie Children’s with the hashtag #HealthCareHereos Testimonies from Our Grateful Staff: “The food was amazing! It truly added much needed fuel to our passion for delivering quality healthcare during this unprecedented period in our history. We are so humbled and thankful by this kind gesture.” –Raymond Castillo, Medical Technologist, Lab Services after Savory Crust donated directly to Lurie Children’s. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! We can’t tell you how much this means to our #HealthCareHeroes!

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