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Support for the Silverman Family

Louisville, CO


Friends and Family, Amy, David, Ava and Maya are full of gratitude and immensely touched by the generosity so many people have shown since they lost their home. So many of us are eager to help and we are mobilizing to support them for the next days, weeks, and months as they start to rebuild. We're happy to be the point of communication. Update: The Silverman family returned to Colorado this week and are settling in to a temporarily rental home in Lafayette. They will move into a more permanent rental in Louisville in February. Clothes, Household Goods, Helping Hand, etc.: We have created a wish list on this page, where supporters can purchase gift cards and other items. Their current rental is fully furnished and has a well stocked kitchen. Once they move into their new home, they will be in need of many household items. Since they don’t have much room to store donations at this time, waiting on larger donations would be best. Meal Delivery & Gift Cards Gift cards are a great way to contribute. This will help with immediate needs as well as future needs, as they continue to get settled. Door dash or similar food delivery services will be very helpful. There is a calendar here, where you can sign up to drop off a meal or have one delivered. Please take note of their dietary restrictions. You are welcome to coordinate any donations that need to be delivered with local friends, Melissa Vidaic & Michelle King. Please call or text Melissa to arrange for donation items that need to be delivered or dropped off. Remember that they won’t be in their new rental until February, but it is ok to arrange for donations sooner, if that is best. For Household Goods, Pantry items, Small Appliances, Clothes, Sporting Goods, Gift Cards* Contact Melissa Vidaic at (303) 888-7895 *As they are inundated with emails and paperwork, Melissa & Michelle will collect and keep track of the gift cards and donations for them. You can either purchase gift cards and items directly from this page and they will be sent to the Silverman's, or send them to Melissa via email (, drop off, or mail to my home. Please contact me, if you would like my address for drop offs or deliveries. With immeasurable gratitude, we would like to thank you for your support! While this tragedy has been implausibly devastating, it has been a tremendous comfort for the Silverman family to receive this beautiful outpouring of support. Much Love, ~ Melissa Vidaic & Michelle King on behalf of The Silverman Family

Special Notes

Dietary Restrictions: Gluten Free, No Pork, No Shellfish, NO GLUTEN!! 1 vegetarian but meat is ok

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