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Meals for Lorna


Dear SCC Community, One of Lorna's greatest needs right now, as she recovers from her injury, is help with meals. We would like to have dinner brought over to her every second evening. This would mean bringing a meal around 5:30, helping Lorna get set up, helping with feeding as needed, and then washing dishes once she is done. On alternate evenings, she would need someone to heat up leftovers, help her set up, and then wash dishes once she is finished. Lorna's address is 31 Union Street, St. Stephen, and her phone number is 506-321-2412 Thanks so much for your help!

Special Notes

Please avoid cilantro and large quantities of mushrooms. If you have signed up and then, for whatever reason, are no longer able to help, please try to find someone else to bring a meal. If you are unable to find anyone, please let me (Erin) know. You can call me at 514-622-7031

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