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Meal Train for the Renfrows

West Palm Beach, FL


Meal Train for the Renfrows supports Jason, Ashley, Ryan, and 2 year old Gracie during difficult points in Gracie's Cancer Treatment. During August 2021, Gracie will be hospitalized for her next step in hopefully curing her body from Neuroblastoma. She has already been through 2 surgeries and 6 rounds of chemotherapy. This time, she'll be undergoing HIGH DOSE chemotherapy with stem cell transplant, with a hospitalization of about 3-4 weeks or more. Daddy and Gracie will remain at the hospital during this time, while Mommy will be working and caring for big brother Ryan at home. This will be a tough time so we are looking for help with occasional meals :) Thank you all so much for your support!

Special Notes

Mommy plans to bring a few microwavable meals to Daddy in the hospital once a week, so casseroles or something similar would be so appreciated! Übereats and other food delivery gift cards would be helpful as well as they can deliver good food to Jason at the hospital :)

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