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Help support Steven Franzone during this difficult time.

Newton, NJ


This is Steve Franzone, Michelle's husband. Some of you know others don't. I have been asking for Prayers and I still. My wife is currently in critical condition. I am not going in details but I feel she would want all to know. We are not close to being out of the woods but we will not give up without a Fight. Your prayers do help. So as Michelle would say or ask. Prayers Warriors we need you all once again. Unfortunately this time it is for my wife. May she fight harder then she ever fought before. May God and all of havens Saints please bless us by bringing my wife Michelle Franzone back to use all. She still has so much more good and positive to give to this world. Everyone please hold your love ones tight. Give a hug and kiss because you never know. Thank you and I love you all. May God give us this blessing

Special Notes

Gift cards for food in and around the Newton area would be best. Venmo is set up as well. Care cards and visa cards are also options. Dropping off food may be difficult if no one is home. It is not impossible though. We all know Steve is always the first guy to lend a hand to anyone in need. It's our turn to help him in any way that we can. We are truly blessed for all your support. The family is going to need assistance for quite some time. Thank you again. May God Bless you all. If you are unable to donate, your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.

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