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Support for Adam

Boise, ID


I have not been working since December 2020 and am currently without a car. I also have a severe infection in my right heel that has me going to daily Dr's appointments, occasionally more than once a day. I am currently without internet and my regular cell phone. As you might imagine getting the daily chores done is quite the struggle for a single guy in my situation. A friend suggested give in kind as a way for those who are willing and able to see what my needs are and to facilitate helping out.

Special Notes

How many of you think that this couldn't possibly be me, ADAM WADE DUNCAN. THOR, MILES GLORIOUSUS, BOISE GAY MESNS CHOIR DIRECTOR. BOISE WOMENS CHORUS FOUNDER AND ARTIST DIRECTOR, MR DUNCAN OF MR DUNCANS MUSIC CLASS Choir Master at St Andrews Episcopal church, Tenor section leader for many different churches including the New Reformed Temple in Kansas City. Short time member of the Kansas City Choral, Head of the Music programs at Park University soloist and chorus member with the Lyric Opera of Kansas City, director of the Crusader Choir and featured on a documentary in Denmark, which is where the scavenger hunt starts out. For those with sensibilities, this would be the perfect time and place to Find. Launder. Starch, and Iron your Big Gurl Panties and get the fuck on board. The ditch that I am currently laying in is so full of other Forgotten, Misunderstood, Beaten Down. Neglected, Abandoned, Sick, Dying, Incarcerated, and or already Dead that we are running out of time. So get on board, or get out of the way,. ITS TIME TO SHOW UP. STAND UP, AND SPEAK UP. THE FIRST TWO REQUIRE YOUR LISTENING SKILLS ONLY AND FOR THOSE THAT DID NOT HAVE ME TEACH THEM HOW TO LISTEN ITS TIME TO PUT DOWN YOUR DEVICE AND PENCIL AND PAPER AND LOOK ME SQUARE IN THE EYEBALL SO I KNOW YOU ARE LISTENING. YOU WILL NOTICE IM ALREADY STAIRING AT YOU. ZYOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING PERSON ON THE PLANET FOR E AT THIS MOMENT.. YOU TUBE. MR DUNCAN'S MUSIC CLASS, CRUSADER CHOIR IN Denmark. GO!

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