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Tasha & Tylar Surgery Recovery

Galloway, OH


Tasha and Tylar have had quite the year so far, and now more than ever they need some extra support. In the beginning on 2024, Tylar while trying out a new sport (in an effort just to stay in shape in the football off season) he injured his ankle that resulted in needing surgery. This injury is now preventing him from driving for the next few weeks while he focuses on getting his ankle back up and ready to play for ODU in the fall. Tasha is also undergoing surgery on February 15 to hopefully resolve an issue she has been dealing with for years. As this is major surgery, Tasha is required to be on bed rest for at least 6 weeks if not more. As if feeding and caring for a High School Senior Football player wasn't already hard enough... now with both of them needing to focus on getting better - Tasha needs help preparing food for the both of them; something that is so important for their recoveries. Homemade, store bought, or door dash, anything will help Tasha and Tylar get through these next few weeks and allow them both to focus on their recovery. Thank you all for supporting Tasha and Tylar!

Special Notes

Remember when bringing food, Tylar can EAT! Please ensure to prepare accordingly and left overs are always a great bonus! Tasha and Tylar both eat just about anything but PEAS. Tasha is not a fan of cooked fruit (like inside pies) and prefers sweets in the chocolate form. When not eating homecooked meals, Tylar love Wendy's, Subway, Canes, and Pizza. Tasha is partial to chipotle.

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