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whitley's meal train

Albany, CA


Welcome friends 💓 Our dear Whitley (aka whittlebaby & soon to be one-eyed-whit) is having eye removal surgery on March 21 and would appreciate community support in the form of a meal train. The first week post-op will be the toughest, and Whitely will be out of work for 2 months. Gio will be at home to help out, but will be taking on taking care of Whitley, Valo, and the house so not having to think about what to cook is a huge help 🥲 Support can take on so many forms and doesn't need be food centered, we welcome any way that you can show up to help out! We understand that times are really difficult right now, so if all you have in you is a "get well soon," that means the world to us 🫶🏽 This is going to be a time of big transitions for Whitley -- as many of you know, they will not be returning to Oakland High after their surgery. They have decided to make a switch and will be pursuing a new career in instructional design. They are so grateful for the community they've built at OHS and will be around for hugs and hangs in the months to come ✨ From the deepest, darkest chambers of our hearts thank you all so much! ❤️‍🔥 whitley, gio, & valentino ❤️‍🔥

Special Notes

Dietary preferences -- fish, seafood, chicken, low dairy, lentils, soups, veggies are all great! No beef or pork, please. Some local restaurants Whitely likes: Cafe Colucci, Cafe Raj, Platano, Maya Halal, Halal King P.S. Whitely has a special place in their heart reserved just for sweet treats and not a single person or thing can ever replace that space. They would gladly welcome some brownies or mochi pastries into their life, in moderation 😉

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