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Dan & Venessa Meal Train

Keizer, OR


Hello everyone šŸ‘‹ as most of you know Dan will be going into surgery on 2/20/24. With that said Venessa will be juggling work and taking care of Dan and would greatly benefit from all of us if we could help provide dinners for Dan, Venessa, & Roman. So please whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated. If you sign up to cook dinner please deliver to Dan and Venessa house. If you are unable to cook dinner and want to help in another way There are gift cards listed on the page. Please text Venessa if you are wanting to visit when you drop food off and make sure itā€™s a good night to do so. Thank you in advance to everyone for the love and support. Now letā€™s show Dan and Venessa just how BIG their village is. ā¤ļø

Special Notes

Please do not make anything with mushrooms.

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