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♥️Love for Lydia♥️


Sweet Lydia is only 5 months old and still needs our prayers and her family could really use our support right now! Little Lydia was rushed to ER two days ago due to fast and deep breathing. They were sent home and told it was just an upper respiratory infection- followed by a terrible night! Lydia then had to be taken by ambulance yesterday, full lights and sirens bc she was so bad! Arrived in ER and had everyone stumped. They then tested her sugar and it was 600+! She was near a coma at that point! Not only that, she also tested positive for Covid!! She remains hospitalized in ICU in critical condition. They have had a HUGE scare and are not out of the woods yet! I am praying this meal train will help alleviate a tiny amount of stress from mama and daddy. Frozen meals are an awesome idea as well!! ***Please nothing spicy, no tomatoes (pasta/tomato sauce is ok though!), and there are no allergies. **If you are unable to deliver your meal, please contact me and I will ensure they are delivered to this amazing family!

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