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Meal Train for Kimber

Austin, TX


Hi everyone - you may all know by now that Anika L. pushed Kimber down and broke both of her wrists this past weekend. Totally just kidding - she fell while horseback riding. She did break both of her wrists (one worse than the other - the right - requiring surgery on Thursday, 9/2) and she sprained her right ankle pretty badly. Making food is a big task. Just like everything else you use your hands for. So, I'm hoping we can pitch in to at least relieve the cooking part. I'll set up a calendar for every other day delivery starting tomorrow, Wednesday, 9/1. I know everything will be greatly appreciated by Kimber.

Special Notes

I will leave a cooler on Kimber's front porch. You can just leave your delivery there. Couple of notes - Kimber doesn't eat any fish or seafood or pork. Other than that, whatever is easiest for a person with 1 semi/barely functional hand. :)

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