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Meal train for Preston & the Fuqua fam 💘

Murfreesboro, TN


As some of you may know, Preston sustained significant facial trauma at a baseball scrimmage on Tuesday, 2/13/24. Due to swelling they are unable to perform surgery to repair the injuries until the following Tuesday, 2/20/24. To take some of the stress off of Laura and Brent, who will be taking care of Preston in the next week or so, I’m organizing a meal train! Any help would be appreciated but if you are unable, we ask that you pray that Preston makes it through surgery without complication and has a speedy recovery. Please pray for Laura and the rest of the family, as well!

Special Notes

**PLEASE drop off any food to the back door! 🫶🏼** Preston loves anything chicken and rice related 😂 bojangles and koji are his favorites. He is currently unable to drink out of a straw so we ask for no milkshakes/smoothies. Thank you!!

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