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Support Oliver’s Fight Against Leukemia

Kansas City, KS


On November 10th, 2020, Oliver (4 years old) was admitted to Children’s Mercy Hospital and diagnosed with Leukemia. While at Children’s Mercy, Oliver had a spinal test and bone marrow examination. In addition to these tests, a port was inserted for future Chemotherapy treatments. The testing revealed that Oliver has Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Doctor’s anticipate a strong prognosis for a full recovery. Unfortunately the road to recovery will be long.  Oliver was able to come home on Friday, November 13th. He returned on Saturday morning for his first full chemotherapy treatment. Each chemo treatment will take 3 hours. He will return weekly for chemo treatment over the next two years.  During this time, Ryan and Jamie will incur overwhelming medical bills, not including the monthly prescriptions required as part of Oliver’s treatment.  Any help is very much appreciated in supporting the Cochran Family.

Special Notes

I will add Chemo days as they are scheduled. Meals for the first two weeks are appreciated as they adjust. 

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